June 22, 2007

New GG1 Cabview

It's been a while since anyone made a cabview for the Pennsylvania Railroad's GG1s. In fact, the one that's probably in widespread use for MSTS is the one that came with the NALW set released in 2002. However, the prolific freeware cabview creator, Dwight Mitchell, has seen fit to make a modern GG1 cabview that is capable of dealing with the MSTSbin upgrade. It's available from Train-Sim, so go on over and get yourself a new GG1 cabview.

The pride of the Pennsylvania Railroad at rest somewhere on the Northeast Corridor.

Filename: gg1cab.zip

EDIT: Resize your browser window as appropriate. I'm used to having a huge resolution by way of a widescreen laptop, so this may look really out of place for the viewing public.

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